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We're Moving. Our new address: https://openculturalastronomyforum.github.io/ 


Open Cultural Astronomy Forum


Promoting Research in Cultural Astronomy

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About us

This is a seminar series initiated by Mehrnoosh Tahani (Stanford University & Banting, USA & Canada) and Ray Norris (WSU/CSIRO, Australia), to understand the role of astronomy in cultures and the influence of cultures on current astronomy.


Seminars currently take place on the first Thursday of each month (on a semi-monthly basis) at 23:00 UTC, which is currently 9:00 (Friday) AEST and 16:00 (Thursday) PDT. In the future we may increase the frequency of meetings and adjust the time to suit other international time zones.


No registration is needed - just turn up! Access is via zoom. 


Meeting ID: 960 6348 4885

Passcode: 000000


Schedule of Seminars for 2023:

Time and Date (UTC)  Speaker (Affiliation)                   Title (click for abstract)                                                                       Recording

23:00 UTC Thur Feb 2

Dr. Mia de los Reyes (Stanford University)

What's in a name?

video chat slides




Schedule of Seminars for 2022:

Time and Date (UTC)  Speaker (Affiliation)                   Title (click for abstract)                                                                       Recording
23:00 UTC Thur Feb 3

Prof. Wayne Orchiston (University of Southern Queensland) & Mrs. Darunee Lingling Orchiston

"It's Now or Never": Changing cultures and the investigation of indigenous astronomical systems 

video   chat

23:00 UTC Thur Apr 7

Ms. Jennifer Howse (University of Calgary, Rothney Astrophysical Observatory)

Finding Our Place in the Night Sky  video   chat 
23:00 UTC Thur May 5

Prof. Duane Hamacher (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Exploring the influence of meteors on culture and society  video   chat 
23:00 UTC Thur Jun 2

Prof. Johnson Ozoemenam Urama (University of Nigeria, Nsukka)

The Igbo Calendar: Exploring the Endogenous Astronomy of South-Eastern Nigeria

video   chat

23:00 UTC Thur Aug 4 

Dr. Robert Fuller (Western Sydney University) 

Giving Back; it’s not hard 

(links given in the talk: Gamilaraay project, Stellarium, Star stories of the Dreaming)

video   chat 
23:00 UTC Thur Dec 1 

Prof. Hilding Neilson (Memorial University of Newfoundland & Labrador)

The night sky is part of the land: the ongoing colonization in astronomy research and space exploration

video chat 



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